i was right on china market that earn me 7.27% return in 16 days.

April 9, 2015 — Leave a comment

Yes the you heard me right. 7.27% in 16 days. i would have make 9% or more if its not due to the late processing or my order. for more detail please click on the picture below for illustration.

china index

here is the transaction i made.


here is my portfolio


as you see a above there profit in % is 5.23% that is exclude the fee i paid when made the investment earlier on.

there are ways how you can optimise you money in a more efficient ways with minimum effort and minimum risk.

knowing when to enter and when to take profit is crucial and it comes with years of learning and refinement.

well i guess this is my post with the least words. but it serve the purpose.

take care and have fun.


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