This bank “account” will make any dumb person become wealthy! PART 1

August 20, 2014 — Leave a comment


One fine day you woke up. The digital clock on the table show that it is 7am, 17/8/2014 and you got lots of stuff running in your mind.

Suddenly your phone ring, it is the reminder you had set earlier to remind that your credit card payment is due.

You login into your bank account to make the credit card payment. To your surprise your saving account balance left with RM538.42. You have another 7 days to go before you received your next paycheck

what happen?


You have a decent paying job that pays you RM4000/month as an engineer.
You have no idea where all the money went to.
Your budget is all over the place.

You know the need to save money and you have this urgent feeling that you need to do it now. You know the need for a good retirement planning. And you also want to save money for a brand new house, and maybe a holiday trip to cape town sometime in the future.

You called your friend Sam a financial advisor and ask him to help your with your budget planning. After reviewing your financial situation Sam then present you with the following account to choose from.

ACCOUNT 1: 4% per year. Withdrawal can only be made once a year.
ACCOUNT 2: 8% per year. Flexible withdrawal.
ACCOUNT 3: 0% Money can only be withdraw at the end of year 10.

Here is the golden questions.

Among the 3 accounts, which one will you choose to save your money?

question 2:
Which account do you think will have the most money by the end of year 10?

i bet most people will choose account no:2 which has the highest rate of return.

in fact this same question was asked to 100 audience in a financial seminar, almost 90% will answer account 2. while the rest of 9% will choose account no:1. only 1 person out of 100 audience will answer account 3 which to me is wired at the beginning.

What i am going to reveal to you today might surprise you. People in the older generation use this “account” for decades and this “account” give them the most money.

Back to the 80/20 rule.
80% of people know this “account” but only 20% of the people put their money in

This “account” is never tough in school. Even in the universities and student graduate in the field of account or finance.


in most country it is legal. it is time tested over the century to be the most effective system.

Most parents do not teach this to their children because they don’t own this account.

i may call this the hidden account in personal finance where most people take it for granted.

so tell me what what is the account? what is so great about this account?

well the “account” i mention found in the question above. it is account no:3.

it is the account with 0% interest and you have to lock in the money for 10 years or more.

in layman term its call the “FORCED SAVING ACCOUNT”

Most people will be surprise. it’t human nature, 80% of most saver will tend to take out their saving from time to time and fail their goal.

we take out our money for so many reasons, some are necessary reasons, some are not.

i don’t care what is the rate of return, be it 8% 10% 15% or even 25% per year, as long as you don’t do regular saving and you are allow to access to your account anytime you wish, you will never going to achieve the desired outcome.

let me show your why.

The table below show a normal saving pattern of someone putting aside RM100/month into a saving account earning 8% interest per year.

you will also notice that over the period of 10 years there are few withdrawal from the account.


normal saving pattern


lets compare it with the the “secret account” the forced saving account.

forced saving pattern

Account 1: 2014 december balance RM7,534.80 at the end of year 10.

Account 2: 2014 december balance RM12,000 at the end of year 10.

you will find out the even with 0% interest rate, a force saving account will end up with more money.

why? simply because the earlier account, you can withdraw money as often as you like unlike the “forced saving” account you cannot withdraw it for a certain period of time.

The forced saving account appear in many different form. We might came across it during our childhood, but as we grow older we tend to forget about it.

$_35 blogger-image-807463141

Where can i start with this forced saving aka the “secret account” that will make any dumb person become wealthy?

i will reveal in my next article further on the secret account. where to find such “account” in Malaysia.

Not only that. i will review how this “account” with a bit of twig will become new hybrid “account” that can enhance your return to the max without worrying about what’s going to happen in the future.

stay tune and have a great week ahead.





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